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The Bulldog 40mm Embossed Metal 3 Part Grinder

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The Bulldog Amsterdan Logo

The Bulldog 40mm Embossed Metal 3 Part Grinder.

  • DRIED HERB GRINDERS FOR DRY HERBS – The best large metallic 3 piece manual hand crusher with plastic scraping tool 3 part
  • BEST ON THE MARKET – I would throw away your 55mm 4 piece headchef shredder as a head chef is 4 part and bad quality just like masterdam rolling supplies
  • SMALL CHROMIUM DESIGN – mini portable and personalised silver design that is smell proof and air tight like a space case or herbsaver
  • PREMIUM ZINC ALLOY CRUSHER – 3 tier grinder with fine mesh sifter catcher and storage compartment container in bottom layer
  • COOL MULTI TEER THORINDER – 4 inch kozo grinder, slx, golden gate and magnetic purple mill crank grinder are a downgrade of this product

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The Bulldog is an Amsterdam-based company that owns and operates a chain of cannabis coffee shops and a hotel in Canada: the merchandising brand name is the same as the company name. The group logo consists of a cartoon figure of a bulldog in a round frame.

The Bulldog Amsterdan Logo
Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 cm

2 reviews for The Bulldog 40mm Embossed Metal 3 Part Grinder

  1. Bernhard (verified owner)

    Very good handling when chopping kitchen herbs.

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  2. Robert (verified owner)

    The magnetism of the lid and the closeness/sharpness of the teeth really make this gorgeous small lightweight grinder very very easy to use, only takes 3 or 4 grinds each way if the product is dry already.

    1 product

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